Automotive Service Capabilities in Paducah, KY

The best thing you can do for your car is to find a good mechanic—someone who will deliver routine maintenance and minor repairs of the highest caliber. Durbin Service Station LLC is your auto mechanic in Paducah, KY! Our shop provides all of the essential services you need to care for your car for as long as you own it, including:

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Don’t neglect your car’s biggest safety feature! If you hear squeaking, squealing or grinding, give us a call and schedule an appointment for new brakes. We’ll take care of your pads, shoes, rotors, calipers and anything else you need to stop on a dime.

auto repair services

Tune ups

A tune-up is a great way to boost your car’s performance after years of ownership. New spark plugs, a fluid flush, valve cleanings, filter changes and a visual inspection/correction of your engine’s minor parts can all improve fuel economy and performance in an instant.

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Not sure why your “check engine” light is on? Let us read your onboard computer to pull an error code, interpret it, and fix the problem. We have all of the diagnostic equipment necessary to get to the root of your dashboard lights.

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Tire repair

As a full-service tire shop in Paducah, KY, we’re ready to repair and replace your tires as needed. Let us remove debris from your treads, patch them or replace your tires altogether with a set of trusted treads from a reliable name brand.

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We’re a retailer of Interstate batteries and your foremost authority of troubleshooting battery problems. Let us pinpoint any issues with your battery and provide you with a replacement you can count on.

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Minor auto repairs

Our shop is equipped to handle most minor automotive repairs. If you suspect a problem or need an expert to take a look, we’re the place to visit!

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Wheel bearings

Hear a rumbling noise when you turn your wheel or reach a certain speed? It’s likely a wheel bearing in need or replacement. Our team will diagnose and repair this issue quickly and completely.

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Oil changes

The very best thing you can do for your engine is to give it an oil change. No matter what type of oil your car takes or when your last change was, trust us to replace your oil and filter, flushing and lubing if needed.

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Starters & Alternators

Engine not turning over? Problems with general electrical functions? Your starter or alternator could be faulty. Our team will test, inspect and service these critical parts to restore their essential function.

Schedule your appointment with Durbin Service Station LLC today to ensure your vehicle is getting the care it needs, from honest, experienced professionals. Reach us at 270-554-5839.